General Income Tax Workshop - Two Days

Price: $385.00

Purpose and Proposed Audience

This course is designed to provide a balance of "how to do it" with "what is required."  All tax professionals will benefit from the information provided in this workshop.  It is especially designed for practitioners who have two or more years of experience and work primarily with individual returns and small businesses organized as proprietorships. 

Course Overview

The two-day workshop by webcast will consist of lectures, examples, problems, discussions and questions from two specially developed programs.  Tax educational materials and references will be furnished.*  Comprehensive urban and farm problems will be included in the materials.  Sample tax problems and solutions will also be included.

*We are pleased to offer the option of receiving the National Income Tax Workbook in an electronic format this year! Please note when completing your registration form if you would prefer an electronic version.

Learning Objective

  • To familiarize participants with new income tax law developments


No prerequisite needed for this course



Agricultural Tax Issues Workshop

Price: $155.00

Purpose and Proposed Audience

This course is designed to assist practicing accountants and lawyers in the specialized area of agricultural taxation. 

Course Overview

This course will provide accountants and lawyers with information about recent tax changes that affect farm and ranch tax reporting and tax planning. 

Learning Objectives

  • Enable accountants and lawyers to give practical advice to their farmer/rancher clients
  • Provide a checklist of potential tax trouble spots
  • Aid in tax reporting


No prerequisite needed for this course

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